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Get 10% off your first order using the code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Get 10% off your first order using the code NEWRETYKLER ✨
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Some of our Retyklers

  • Emily Lam-Ho

    Emily Lam-Ho

    #WeRetykle because I want to contribute to a sustainable future! Waste reduction - from plastic to fashion - is not a small task, but if everyone does their part, no matter how small (no straw, recycle clothes, etc.) that can help contribute to a better future for everyone!
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  • Joleen Soo

    Joleen Soo

    #WeRetykle because stylish, well-made clothes are a privilege to recycle; #WeRetykle because we want to be part of the change; #WeRetykle because small consumer efforts lead to big industry changes; #WeRetykle because it's fast, inexpensive and leads to positive change.
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  • Ana R

    Ana R

    #WeRetykle is changing the way we look at kids fashion. I love the idea about reusing old clothes and bring them to life again. It’s amazing how much goes to waste as children grow so fast.
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