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Use the code NEWRETYKLER to get 10% off your first purchase! 💫
Use the code NEWRETYKLER to get 10% off your first purchase! 💫

Our Team

Sarah Garner

Founder of Retykle

Sarah started Retykle to make buying and re-selling great quality baby and kid's clothing as convenient and stylish as buying new. Retykle helps meet price and eco-conscious needs without compromising on style, convenience or quality.

Armelle Liverton

Communications Manager

Armelle has worn many hats at Retykle and now leads Communications. She ensures that our message and mission are clearly articulated through various channels.

Sandra Weidenbach

Finance Director

Highly skilled in accounting, Sandra oversees finances. She also brings her valuable expertise to ensure Retykle is reaching peak performance and establish a financial strategy.

Brianna Chiu

Operations Manager

Brianna is fully immersed in the day to day of all operations with strong administrative and analytical skills. She is hands on and strategically helping us improve all processes.

June Santiago

Operations Associate

June ensures quality and timely delivery of orders and efficiently manages our home pick up service everyday. With her great attention to detail, she ensures sellers and customers are happy throughout their Retykle journey with us.

Calvin Lam

Operations & Finance Associate

Retykle's star product photographer! Calvin assists the operations team and handles our day-to-day finance organisation.

Madysn Hanley-Lin

Operations Associate

A California native, Madysn brings her West-Coast charm to the team. Her job entails preparing pre-loved pieces. She always provides the best customer service to all Retyklers.

Billy Unggawinata


Billy helps manage the photo-taking process and organizes clothing donations to our charity partners. He’s an essential team player who adds quality items to the site daily.

Brenda Yap

Operations Assistant

Brenda ensures speedy product uploads as well as the smooth operations of both the Retykle warehouse and the studio.



Brandon contributes daily in uploads and photographing to ensure that we’re meeting our Retyklers’ expectations.

Jennifer Cheung

Marketing Associate

Jennifer is the creative wiz behind digital content creation and supporting all marketing activities. From translation to email marketing, she communicates with our Retykle family.

Kelly Gurung


Kelly designs and creates content for our social media channels. She focuses on producing engaging content with her amazing videography skills.

Ahan Manglik

Associate Growth Marketing Manager

Ahan establishes strategies and seizes all opportunities for our market growth. He designs and conducts experiments to optimize our website and social media performance.

Chloe Berger

Project Lead - Growth Marketing & Brand Partnerships

Chloe conducts analysis and develops relationships with community and brand partners. She also works on improving personalised shopping experience to provide the best service to our customers.

Alix Delahaye

Ambassador Program Coordinator

Alix is our chief ambassador ensuring that our program runs optimally encouraging engagement, mission alignment and fun along the way!

Laurence De Guernon

Project Lead - Tech Enabled Warehouse & Inventory System

Laurence is responsible for leading our warehouse and logistics optimisations. She also works on sourcing packaging materials to meet our eco friendly standards.


Operations intern

Anna helps manage incoming seller packages and approves items for further processing. She also plays an essential role in helping us push new products online.

Tiffany Tsui

Operations Intern

Tiffany is one of our newest team additions! She has an eye for processes and contributes daily in uploads to ensure that we’re meeting our Retyklers’ expectations.

Maria Rivera

Operations Intern

Maria is one of our newest team additions! She is attentive to detail and helps with warehouse organisation and order fulfilment to ensure speedy deliveries to our customers.

Cherrie Leung

Marketing Intern

Cherrie is one of our newest team additions! With her creativity, she supports our marketing team with content creation for our social media channels. She also helps with other marketing activities.

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