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Charity Closet: Amanda Lee

Charity Closet: Amanda Lee

Charity Closets With Amanda Lee

Introducing Amanda Lee and her adorable tykes Temperance (5) and Amity (3).  Amanda loves to take photos of her girls, and you might recognise them from her popular Facebook or Instagram accounts.  We interviewed Amanda about how she likes to clothe her girls, and her charity of choice, The Children's Cancer Foundation Charity.

Tell us about your family? How long have you lived in Hong Kong?


Our family is very simple: My husband and I, plus my two little girls, three dogs and one cat. Apart from the few years I received my secondary education in Vancouver, I’ve been living in Hong Kong all my life.




What is the best thing about raising kids in Hong Kong?



The social diversity


How do you like to dress your daughters and what are your favourite brands to buy for them?


It really depends on the occasions, although in most cases I like them to look girly. My favourite brands? Too many.



How do you feel about buying second-hand clothing? What do you do with your girls outgrown clothing?


My husband and I have been buying second-hand clothing for ourselves for years. It’s an economical way to acquire high-quality clothing. And we enjoy the hunt too. As for the outgrown clothing of my girls, we used to send most of them to friends and family. Now of course we Retykle.


You have chosen to donate to The Children’s Cancer Foundation charity. Can you tell us about this charity and why it is important to you?


For over 25 years, Children’s Cancer Foundation has been a driving force to support patients, their families, the doctors, the nurses, the hospitals and the public at large in the fight against paediatric cancers. Their mission, vision and values resonate with me and my husband.


Why do you Retykle?


你為甚麼Retykle ?


Retykle makes cleaning out our kids’ closets like a walk in the park. On the other hand, Retykle offers a wide range of high-quality brand clothing and accessories for us to shop. As mentioned above, we love the hunt.

Retykle 令清理孩子的衣櫃變得簡單。此外,Retykle有眾多服裝衣飾品牌供我們選擇。正如先前說過,我們都喜愛那尋尋覓覓的過程。

Retykle makes cleaning out our kids' closets like a walk in the park.

Amanda Lee
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