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Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Charity Closet: Sena Husband

Charity Closet: Sena Husband

Sena Husband for Retykle Charity Closets

Charity Closet with Sena Husband

Meet Sena.  Mother of super cute twins Willow and Parker James, and wife to Paul, Sena is an expert on all things stylish in Hong Kong, running a personal styling, shopping, and fashion consulting business.  Sena loves to spend time with her husband and children in Bali where they make their second home at Villa Suami, where these beautiful family photos were taken.

Your business in personal shopping and styling supports sustainability in fashion by encouraging your clients to buy quality pieces that last, and helping them to rediscover underutilized pieces in their wardrobes.  How do you help clients find a style that lasts?

I believe that style, that is an authentic expression of someone, will last.

In my process with any client, I begin by getting to know them so that any items we select together, and any looks that we create, are a true reflection of the client's personality and lifestyle.

What is your personal style philosophy and how do you shop for yourself?

Sena Husband for Retykle Charity Closets

Be yourself. Be authentic. I enjoy retail and the experience around it, so I often end up shopping when I am travelling. The pieces I purchase in this way are “discoveries” and tend to be items I cherish for a long time. I never shop for pieces that do not give me mileage. Everything I own can be styled and restyled with several other pieces in my wardrobe.

You are a very fashionable Mom! Have you enjoyed dressing your twins?  And what are your favourite brands to dress them in?

Thank you! I love dressing them. I don’t really think of brands when I am dressing them. I dress them the way I dress myself. I start with one piece, and style it up or down based on the occasion, the type of day we are having, and the weather. I usually go with a color palette that I pick for one of them, and match them tonally. I love shirts with a detailed collar to wear under sweaters or cardigans by BonpointPetit Bateau make great cotton pieces, and I love the pure feel of Jacadi and Paz Rodriguez. I have also discovered so many great brands and shops all over Europe that I am loving such as the brand Elena E Silvia and Fiabe Scontate which is an adorable children's wear store in Geneva.

Parker James wears Paz Rodriguez shirt and Janie and Jack shorts available at Retykle

Parker James wears Paz Rodriguez shirt and Janie & Jack shorts

Willow wears Excuse My French dress available at Retykle

Willow wears Excuse My French dress

As you know, children grow so fast!  How do you feel about secondhand clothing for Willow and Parker James?  And how do you manage all of their outgrown clothes?

I think it is fantastic! I shop on Retykle when I am travelling to an entirely different climate for a trip. Oftentimes, I can’t find anything in Hong Kong if it is out of season, and because the twins grow so fast, their winter or summer clothes are too small by the time I need them again.

My sister has a daughter close to Willow’s age, so I pass down a lot of things to her. I have held onto the sentimental items, and the rest, I have and will continue to give to Retykle.

During your pregnancy with the twins, you set out to remove toxins from your home routine. What changes have you made in your home and lifestyle to be more natural?

I hardly consume plastic in the home and we are constantly working on being mindful of consuming single use plastic outside. We started making all of our cleaning solutions at home with all natural ingredients which was really the start of my renovating our lifestyle in this way.

Sena Husband and Parker James for Retykle Charity Closets

Reducing single use plastic is something you are passionate about.  How hard has it been to reduce the plastic you and your family use, and do you have any tips to share?

Sena Husband's twin tykes for Retykle Charity Closets

Because I have to be much more prepared when taking the kids out, we almost always have what we need with us. So in this way, planning and preparing for a day out with the kids has made me more conscious and mindful of what we bring out with us. Being prepared for what you may need outside is a great way to prevent the need of relying on plastic outside. Preparing snacks and drinks for all outings, and keeping extra bags on us is a habit for us now which seems easy enough to adopt.

Willow wears Ralph Lauren dress. Parker James wears Paz Rodriguez shirt.

Tell us about your villa in Bali, Villa Suami and what you love about spending time there?

Our home in Bali is truly our special place and we love spending quality time there together. It is natural, and organic, healthy, and magical! We wake up with the sunrise and go to bed not long after sunset! We eat well, spend so much time outdoors, and everything is simple and beautiful when we are there. We love going to the farmers market, cooking together, exploring the nature all around us together, and generally just slowing down to enjoy time with each other.

Can you share more about your chosen charity and what it means to you?

I have chosen to donate the proceeds of this sale to Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC).

It is a charity I admire very much in their work to serve the many children without families in Hong Kong. Their mission to build a healthy, happy, and safe environment for children from all backgrounds, resonates with me deeply. Every child deserves to feel safe and belong to a loving family. Given how fortunate our children are, this seems to be the appropriate place to give back together with Retykle.

Why do you Retykle?

#weretykle because... I want to be part of creating a sustainable future.

Sena Husband
Sena Husband and family for Retykle Charity Closets

Sena and her family were photographed in Bali by Zissou

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