Amy Malpass Hahn

Editor-in-Chief, The Grace Tales 


Amy Malpass Hahn is the Editor-in-Chief of the leading digital lifestyle platform, The Grace Tales. We are thrilled that she has curated a special collection specifically for Retykle, featuring some of her favourite outgrown pieces that her little ones have worn and loved. Amy has decided to donate her earnings to Retykle charity partner PathfindersWe also caught up with her to hear a bit about her time at The Grace Tales since she joined and what sustainability means to her.

You became Editor-in-Chief of The Grace Tales at the end of 2018, tell us a bit about the platform and what you hope to achieve.

When I became a mother for the first time in 2014, The Grace Tales was the only resource - online, in print, in person, anywhere! That really spoke to me. It made me feel less alone in its honest stories about motherhood that weren’t tainted with the judgement of mummy forums. It inspired me with its interviews of spectacular women from every corner of the world, who were by my side navigating this crazy world of parenting. It acknowledged that my interest in parenting and all things baby-related could sit seamlessly alongside my love of fashion, beauty and interiors. It became my daily go-to website … five and a half years later, nothing has changed! The Grace Tales really is one-of-a-kind, and it’s such a thrill to now be working there. In my role, I hope to continue sharing stories that connect women across the globe, while also supporting the brand with partnerships and evolutions that will see it grow to new heights. The more mothers and families we can profile, the more experts we can interview, the more brilliant brands we can shine a spotlight on - the better.

The Grace Tales is passionate about profiling women and their stories. What has been your favourite interview or piece to date? 

This is so difficult to answer as there have been so many! One that really sticks in my mind, however, was an interview with an organisational expert who dove into the world of parenting, Julie Morgenstern. She meticulously researched what it takes to make a child feel seen and loved in really practical terms. Her advice was a complete eye-opener for me, and has changed the way I parent. For example, she found that short ‘micro-moments’ are infinitely more valuable than long stretches of time together with young children. She has so many fascinating insights on the topic so it’s definitely worth a read.

How do you manage your work / life balance? 

I don’t! Like almost every mother I know, I run around like a headless chicken until the wheels fall off. Thankfully, I have an incredible husband who can spot when those wheels are just about to pop at which point he will promptly send me off to yoga - my saving grace.

The platform often covers stories on sustainability. How does sustainability feature in your life? 

My son started kindergarten this year at a school that doubles as an organic market on the weekend. Being immersed in that community has been wonderful and has taught me so much already about sustainability. We do no waste lunch boxes (absolutely no packaging - I use a stainless steel bento box that forces me to be creative!), we always take our keep cups to the local cafe, fill up our essential pantry items with jars from The Source and use eco-friendly home products (I am obsessed with Koala Eco). 

I’ve also always been a bit of a proponent of buying less, but buying well. Perhaps it’s the OCD minimalist in me, but I’d so much rather have ten wonderful pieces of clothing that last me ten years, than one hundred that need replacing every season. I apply the same rule to my sons’ wardrobes, and try to buy really good quality, ethically-made clothing and toys that will last the distance. It helps that I have three boys, so every item I purchase will most likely be worn by all three of them! Then when we’re done with clothing or toys, we try to always donate them to charities. We’ve actually tried to make it an enjoyable activity for our kids - explaining why we’d pass things on, who they’d go to, and have some fun in the process with some 90s music pumping. So much so that now my eldest will often ask when he can clear out his cupboard again!

Finally, you have curated a special collection of items from your son's wardrobe for Retykle. What are your favourite children's brands and why? 

There are so many I love! Oeuf is heavenly - I want to dress my youngest exclusively in their pieces. For my older boys, I love The Animals Observatory, Bobo Choses and Tiny Cottons. They’re all such great quality and manage to withstand the beating that my crazy children will give them, season after season, child after child. More recently, I’ve also become obsessed with Veja shoes for everyone in the household - we look a bit ridiculous in matching shoes when we leave the house on the weekend, but they’re amazing!

Written by Jessica Tedd on Sep 16, 2019

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