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Meet Katerina. Mum to Lucas and Emma, Katerina had a fantastic collection of secondhand children's clothing to pass along to Retykle. She has decided to donate her earnings to Retykle charity partner Plastic Free Seas. We caught up with her to hear about what inspires her style and how she encourages her little ones to think about the environment. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you to Hong Kong? 

I’ve got 2 little ones, Lucas who is 9 and Emma is 7. I was born in Prague but I have spent most of my life travelling, spending most of my time in Milan, Paris and New York. I moved to London when my husband and I found out we were expecting Lucas. We then came to Hong Kong and totally fell in love with the city and have since made it our home. 

What are your favourite brands to dress your little ones in? 

There are so many beautiful children’s brands out there that is it is difficult to select just a few but I often go back to Stella McCartney, Simple Kids, Bonton, Velveteen and Oeuf NYC


What is your personal style philosophy and how do you shop for yourself? 

I often shop when I travel because I love finding those hidden gems. There is something exciting about exploring local shops and discovering brands you can’t find anywhere else. My wardrobe also often reflects the city I am in; London brings out my edgier side whilst Paris inspires me to think about femininity and choosing pieces that are more chic. 

How do you incorporate green habits into your daily lives and teach your kids about caring for the planet?

I don’t like wasting anything - food, clothes, packaging. When it comes to cooking, I always make sure we are using all of our supplies and rarely let anything go to waste. In the kitchen, I try to inspire my kids to think about how we can easily reduce waste for example encouraging them to use overripe bananas for banana bread rather than let them go to waste. It might seem like a small step but every little helps. 

When it comes to clothing, we have a big family so we are often swapping clothes for the kids amongst our family members. We also often donate any outgrown clothes and we always try to teach the kids to let go of the things they no longer need to those who can benefit from them. 


Tell us about your chosen charity and why is it important to you? 

I support several charities and it’s always been a passion of mine to give back. During the time I have spent in the U.S I became very close with The Water Charity which provides clean water for people in need. In Hong Kong I support Plastic Free Seas and I’ve decided to donate the sale of our items to this particular charity. It’s a fantastic non-profit organisation dedicated to advocating change in the way we all view and use plastics in our everyday lives. 

What does Retykle mean to you? 

Retykle is a fantastic way to join the clothes recycling movement! Reselling gently worn, used and new clothes is such an innovative way to give back to society. The brand is not only helping to reduce waste but also impacts the lives of others through their charity partnerships in Hong Kong. 

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Written by Jessica Tedd on Oct 10, 2019

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