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Upcycled Halloween House

It’s the most spooktacular time of the year and what better way to get into the season then by creating a upcycled Halloween house with your tykes!

For this craft we are happy to welcome back one of our Retykle Ambassador’s, @littlecitytales, to show us how to make a cute Halloween house that requires a few household essentials and quick trip to your craft drawer.


  • Tissue Box + 1 tissue 
  • Cardboard 
  • Tissue rolls x 2 
  • Empty soda bottle 
  • Aluminium foil 
  • Egg Carton 
  • Ping pong ball 
  • Glue gun 
  • Black & white (acrylic) paint 
  • Google-y eyes 
  • Battery tea light  
  • Wire (optional)

House Structure

To construct your house, first cut your empty tissue box in half, keeping the plastic flaps as the door opening. Find a piece of cardboard long enough to form your roof, and fold in half to make it a pitched roof. Then cut an empty plastic bottle in half. You will need to further cut the bottle at a 45 degree diagonal as this will stick onto the roof as the chimney. Make a backing to your house with cardboard, simply trace along the tissue box and roof edges and cut out.

Assemble your house together with glue gun and affix onto a cardboard base. Decorate your chimney with a window and make it resemble a witches hat by shaping some aluminium foil. This is the hard part done! 

Paint everything black. Acrylic paint works best, and saves time but if using water-based paint, you will need to do a few layers.

The Ghost

This little guy is so simple! Find any ping pong ball at home, wrap a piece of tissue around it, and secure by using a little cellotape at the back. Draw some eyes and a ghostly mouth using a black marker.

The Bat

Cut out three consecutive egg cartons to form your bat shape. You can make the wings more bat like by cutting an “M” shape into them. Paint it black and stick on some google-y eyes!

A Tombstone

Cut out a tombstone shape from cardboard and paint it white. Then add a cross and “R.I.P” to it to complete.

The Haunted Tree

To make a haunted tree, simply cut a tissue roll in half, paint it black, and add some aluminium foil branches to it.

final Assembly

Decorate your Halloween house with the crafty pieces and secure using glue gun. You can attach the bat with a wire and poke it into the roof to secure, or simply glue on. Finally, add a battery tea light to bring your haunted creation alive!

Written by Stephanie Poon on Oct 15, 2020

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