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Get 10% Off Your First Order Using The Code NEWRETYKLER 💫
Meet The Team: Behind the Scenes with Brianna and Sarah

Meet The Team: Behind the Scenes with Brianna and Sarah


Behind the scenes with Brianna and Sarah


When you've shopped or sold with Retykle, it’s likely that you’ve chatted to someone on our incredible operations team. We thought it might be a nice opportunity to get to know our two Operation Managers, Brianna Chiu and Sarah Buckell to hear a bit more about what they do and what Retykle means to them.


How long have you been with Retykle? Tell us a bit about what you do. 


Brianna: Time flies! I’ve already been with Retykle for almost a year and a half. A key part of my role is to help ensure that the daily operations are running smoothly at the Retykle studio so that customers and sellers have a positive journey with us. If you’re a Retykler, we’ve likely chatted through email, at our Wong Chuk Hang office, or at one of our Pop-Up events. Apart from that, I continuously work alongside a creative team to brainstorm and execute new ideas for how we can improve our customer experience!

Sarah: I have been with Retykle for 3 years now. I started as an intern and soon after, I was offered a full-time position and have worked my way up to be an Operations Manager. As an Operations Manager, my day-to-day duties includes packing and fulfilling orders, warehouse management, as well as product photography and uploading. My main task is to ensure everything runs smoothly at our warehouse and that we are working in line with Retykle standards.


Brianna Chiu, Operations Manager at Retykle 


Sarah Buckell,  Operations Manager at Retykle 


What's the most rewarding aspect of your role? 


Brianna: The most rewarding aspect of my role is to see our ideas (big or small) come to life and to see how they positively impact our community. One of our main focuses is to find new ways to spread the word about Retykle. I especially love seeing new customer’s faces light up when they discover the value of pre-loved items for the first time. As many as 70% of our Pop-Up customers have never bought second-hand before and it’s great to see people shop more consciously to help reduce their impact on the environment.

Sarah: Knowing that our customers love Retykle-ing. It is particularly rewarding when they share their positive experiences with us, it lets us know that we are doing great work. I also love the story that is being built by Retykle, the story of outgrown clothing being given a new lease on life by a new family. When the items then appear with us again for re-sale it really proves that our objective of being fully cyclical is being driven by our customers. The way we work with our charity partners is also incredibly rewarding - if we don’t accept a certain item we donate so it’s really inspiring to know that we are helping families in all walks of life.


What's the most challenging aspect of your role? 


Brianna: Since we’re a relatively small team, we’re still fine-tuning our best practices. The challenge right now is to lay a strong foundation to support Retykle’s ongoing growth as we gain more exposure and welcome new team members onboard. For operations specifically, it’s to ensure that whatever processes we have can scale and adapt to the growing and evolving demand on our platform.

Sarah: Providing great customer service has always been our priority. We often have days where we will receive a lot of pickups and this inevitably increases our turnaround time. So we constantly work on improving our customers’ shopping and selling experience with us by uploading more products every day and we are working on improving our website for better user experience. We want to inspire more families to join the cycle.


What is one of the key takeaways you have learnt during your time at Retykle (so far!) ? 


Brianna: Time is precious and when you operate in a fast paced and dynamic environment,  there’s only so much you can do in a day - it’s all about prioritizing what is important and to learn how to adapt your schedule. People might not know that there are multiple steps involved with listing a new product online which starts from the moment we receive the items from a seller. We aim to streamline all these processes to get the product from the seller to the customer in the most efficient way possible while ensuring the quality that Retyklers expect.

Sarah: Before I started working at Retykle, I wasn’t really aware of how much waste was created by the fashion industry and how much it affects our environment. Retykle has taught me to be more mindful and conscious of what I personally consume. It’s also changed my mindset when it comes to actively seeking out sustainable pieces that will last. 


What are your 3 favourite brands and why? 


Brianna: Since we come in contact with hundreds of pre-loved clothes everyday, we can tell when brands put extra love into their fabric selection. My favourite brands are the ones that don’t compromise on fabric quality for style. I get excited when these two brands come through our doors; Velveteen for their in-house prints hand embroidery details and Chloe for their timeless pieces with ruffled accents and a neutral color palette. 

Sarah: Before joining Retykle, I didn’t know a lot about kids brands but thanks to our sellers, I have fallen in love with quality French brands including Bonpoint and Jacadi. I am also a big fan of Ralph Lauren - they have great casual ‘mini-me’ style. 


What does Retykle mean to you?


Brianna: Retykle means a step forward in the right direction. Being completely sustainable is not an easy task. Since I joined Retykle, I’ve realized the alarming amount of waste that we produce, especially from an early age. I’ve been reminding myself to make conscious decisions everyday like avoiding fast fashion, bringing a tote bag to the supermarket, or taking a reusable bottle to the gym. Even though I’m not buying second hand children's clothes just yet, I see myself becoming an avid Retykle customer when I reach that stage of my life.

Sarah: Retykle means giving pre-loved/unused clothing a new loving home. When we Retykle, we are not only earning and saving money but we are also contributing towards a sustainable environment. 

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