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Natural Wonders for Kids

Natural Wonders for Kids

Retykle Ambassador, Marina Watt

Natural Wonders for Kids


COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. While social distancing remains the norm, taking a walk or going on a hike is our chance to reconnect with nature. And although these days traveling abroad is uncertain, taking your tykes out into nature is a welcomed alternative. 

Despite Hong Kong being a concrete jungle, there are many places where nature prevails and solitude (even on the weekends!) can be found. 

We all know that getting out into nature is healing for our souls. A recent study from Trinity College Dublin and the University of California at San Francisco found that going on a 15-minute 'awe walk' each week, where we stop to appreciate the world around us, can help boost positive emotions and reduce stress.  

Another study from the Early Childhood Education Center at the University of Maine found that natural experiences are positively linked to early brain development and they provide opportunities to hone gross motor skills, stimulate brain-boosting chemicals that improve neuron-to-neuron communication, and help produce new cells in the brain. Another benefit of these little moments with nature is that they can stimulate curiosity and creativity.  In other words, getting out doors and into nature is good for you no matter how young you are!

From waterfalls to hills and scenic views, these walking or hiking adventures can add a little something to make your day and they are all accessible by public transport. Also, not having to worry about your little ones around stairs and unpaved roads and trails are a plus! If you have the whole day or just an hour or two, there is always time to get outdoors and into nature.  

What You'll Need

Stroller-Friendly Hikes and Walks

If you want to be in the great outdoors but you have a little one in a stroller, choosing a hike or walk with a paved pathway is key! Here are a few of the many from across Hong Kong.  


Image Credit: Time Out



Photo by Drone and DSLR

Hikes For Older Tykes


Image Credit: Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark


Image Credit:Drone and DSLR


Image Credit:The Hong Kong Tourism Board

A few websites we find helpful for our outdoor adventures are Drone and DSLR and Stroll in the Kong. They both provide excellent step-by-step guides as well as visuals for each hike/walk so you can be sure you are on the right path. 

In a metropolis like Hong Kong, we are so lucky to have such diversity in our own backyard! Happy hiking with your tykes!  

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