Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Marie Kondo Tidying Method Isn't Perfect, And Here's Why

At Retykle, we support the declutter movement inspired by Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo however, it irks us how often the discussion is about “throwing away” not mending, repurposing, recycling or donating.

In Marie Kondo’s recent Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, Marie asks her clients to hold each item they own and decide whether it sparks joy for them.  If it does, it’s neatly stored with items alike in the Marie Kondo approved way, so it can be easily located when it is needed. If something no longer sparks joy it will be thrown away.  Our hearts sank when we saw how many items were piled into garbage bags, with no explanation on where those items would end up. What is equally worrying is how much it sparks joy for Marie when she sees to see the amount of stuff her clients are throwing away!

The KonMari folding method

Instead of mindlessly adding to landfill, we urge you to consider what could be mindfully re-homed.

Following the tidying up craze spurred by Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, Sustainability Victoria published an article urging Australians to consider what they do with their unwanted household items.

Sustainability Victoria Acting CEO, Stephanie Ziersch suggested households consider adding a seventh-step when applying Ms Kondo’s famous KonMari method to their tidying up.

“Our simple request for Kondo-inspired declutterers is that instead of saying ‘thank you, next’ they instead find the joy in re-homing the items or recycling them thoughtfully and through the correct channels.

“In fact, there’s a Japanese approach known as mottainai that I suspect Marie Kondo would happily support. Quite simply, it encourages reflection on waste and action when it comes to reducing, reusing, recycling and respecting.”

This seventh-step can be as easy as the rest, and not something to be overlooked.  At Retykle we want to make it as simple as possible for busy parents to rehome their children’s pre-loved clothing, shoes, nursery items, and toys, (and now maternity wear!).  We offer home pick ups for FREE from Hong Kong island addresses, and can pick up from outside Hong Kong island for a small HK$50 fee. Now that we’ve collected your items, all parents have to do is wait for the money to roll in and spark joy in the feeling that they have given an item a new lease on life! You can also choose to donate your earnings to one of our charity partners who support vulnerable women and children in Hong Kong.

Retykle knitwear Marie Kondo Method
Retykle knitwear Marie Kondo Method

For items we don’t currently take, here are some ways to easily re-home or donate within Hong Kong;


Children’s books that are still in great condition can be on-sold to those with younger children via Hong Kong Facebook kids resale groups or AsiaExpat.  Just take a photo of them and post, and people can either come to your apartment to collect them or meet you at your nearest MTR. If you would like to donate, check on Hong Kong Community Facebook Groups for charities currently in need.  At the time of publishing this article Flow Books, and NUTURE (an initiative for Children’s education) are looking for donations.


At Retykle we do accept a lot of toys for resale that are in new, good-as-new, or gently used condition.  See our toys category for brands we currently sell, or contact us for more information.

Larger plastic and wooden toys are likely to take up unnecessary space in your apartment when your children have outgrown them.  You can sell these items or offer them for free to local parents via Hong Kong kids resale Facebook pages or via AsiaExpat.

Written by Sarah Gillespie on Feb 21, 2019

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