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What is RETYKLE?

RETYKLE is an online consignment store offering new or like new condition clothes from the best children’s and maternity brands from around the world to new families at unbeatable prices. Consignment is a term referring to when goods are sold by a consignee (seller) with a consignor (store with ownership) and is paid a portion of the proceeds (known as commission) when the items sell with the consignor. At RETYKLE, the commission is 50% for each item sold.

RETYKLE eliminates the hassles involved in traditional resale channels (photographing, listing, setting price, communicating with prospective buyers, arranging meet up or delivery) and gives you all that time back with a higher return for your sale. The other amazing part is that if you sell to another family, you have done something great by exchanging value with another family or if your item doesn’t sell or isn’t accepted, it will go to families in need via local charities. It’s a win win all around.

Common Questions

How do I sell with RETYKLE?

It's easy! Just click on "sell" and then click on “schedule a free pick up” and select your desired pick up time from the calendar. If you live in Hong Kong Island, your pick up would be free of charge. If you live outside Hong Kong Island, we will pick up your items for a small delivery fee (HK $50).


Fill up any bag with items that meet RETYKLE ABC standards, include your name and email in the bag, and then just make sure someone is home at the selected pick up time. Alternatively, you can drop your items off at our studio at your convenience Monday to Friday 9:30am-6pm. Our address is Unit 8B, 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Sing Teck Building. Once we receive your items, we will take care of the rest. Sit back and earn cash via Retykle credit (pays 55% of selling price), Paypal transfer or HSBC bank transfer (pays 50% of selling price) each time one of your items sells.

How much will I earn?
Sellers earn 50% of each sale deposited directly into their PayPal or HSBC account or 55% shopping credit if you opt for Retykle 'tyke points' credit.
What brands & categories do you accept?

We accept gently used, good as new and new with tags condition children’s clothing, shoes and accessories size newborn to 12 years old from brands on our accepted brand list. We now accept maternity wear for resale!

What do Good as New, Gently Used and New with Tags mean?

Good as New are items which show no visible signs of wear or use.

Gently Used items are items with a minor flaw that has been detailed in the condition section of the product description. These are items that are too good to pass up despite their minor signs of wear. Gently Used items could show signs of minor fading, minor pilling, fabric wear etc.

New with Tags means that these items have been passed on without any wear whatsoever. They are in the same condition as when they were in their original store with tags.

How does shipping work?
Shipping for sellers to RETYKLE is easy! Once your bag is filled up with items to sell (including your name & email), schedule a free pick up on our calendar.
For Hong Kong shoppers, shipping is FREE for purchases over 300HKD or a flat rate of 50HKD for purchases under 300HKD. For Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, Macao, and Philippines orders, we offer a flat rate of 150HKD (20USD). For other international orders, we offer a flat rate global shipping for 200HKD (25USD). Hong Kong returns are also offered FREE within 7 days of receiving your purchase for a 100% refund in store credit. We do not accept returns from international customers unless they pay return shipping charges. Please email us at for further steps.
Why sell with RETYKLE?
RETYKLE eliminates the hassles involved in traditional resale channels (photographing, listing, setting price, communicating with prospective buyers, arranging meet up or delivery) and gives you all that time back with a higher return for your sale. The other amazing part is that if you sell to another family, you have done something great by exchanging value with another family or if your item doesn't sell or isn't accepted, it will go to families in need via local charities (if you have not purchased return insurance). It's a win-win all around.
Why buy with RETYKLE?
RETYKLE offers unbeatable prices on your favourite brands for almost new or new condition items. Average prices are 70%-90% off original retail prices. The average cost of raising a child in HK is $5.5M (with clothing accounting for approximately $1M of this spend). Consuming new is not only expensive but it's hard on the environment. Resale saves time, money and the planet. RETYKLE takes away any uncertainty you may have about buying secondhand as the quality, condition and authenticity are all checked and guaranteed.

Account questions

How do I set up notifications to ensure that I don't miss out on new arrivals of my tyke's favourite items?
Sign up here for weekly email notifications with personalised recommendations for your tykes' favourite brands and items.
Where can I send feedback or read reviews?
We welcome all feedback - constructive and positive. You can send direct feedback to the founder - If you have any issues with an order or questions about your sales, contact To read reviews, you can look at what our community is saying on social media: facebook and instagram.

Selling Questions

What can I sell at RETYKLE?
We accept children's and maternity clothing, accessories (excluding undergarments such as tights and underwear) and shoe size newborn to age 12. This will be revised in future to include expanded categories so please check back often. All items must comply with our ABC Standards and Accepted Brand List to be approved for listing. There are no restrictions on seasonality but keep in mind that seasonal clothes sell better within their corresponding season. RETYKLE retains the right to de-list items and donate if they have not sold within a minimum posting period of 120 days but we generally keep items listed for longer to maximise your sales opportunity.
How do I prepare my items for sale? Is there a minimum/maximum number of items I can send?
Just make sure all items are freshly washed and meet our ABC standards and are included on our accepted brand list and then fold and load them into any bag with your name & email. We request a minimum of 5 items for our pick up service but for drop offs at our studio, there is no minimum requirement. We always suggest sending multiple items at a time to save time on multiple submissions in future and to increase your overall earnings potential. There is no maximum amount of items you can send at one time.
Can I send items from high-end brands which are not on your accepted brand list?
We are always happy to review new brands which we may have overlooked. We just ask that you send us an email in advance of sending your items so that we can review for preliminary email acceptance (items still need to be inspected for quality and condition upon receipt). Please email us with the brand of the items you wish to sell and we'll get back to you quickly with a response from our customers' email:
Can I schedule a drop off rather than scheduling a pick up?
Yes! Our address is Unit 8B, 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Sing Teck Building. If you would prefer to schedule a direct drop off, please contact us at
Can I send my items via post to you?
Yes! You can send your items via post to us. Our address is Unit 8B, 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Sing Teck Building. Make sure to let us know that you have sent us some items including the tracking details to
Can I send purchases I would like to return in my seller bag?
Returns need to be processed separately with an authorization and cannot be included with your seller bag contents.
Can I become a seller outside of Hong Kong?
Yes, we have international sellers, but unfortunately, we cannot cover the shipping fees at this time. If you would like to sell with us, please see our accepted brands list here and email us at for further steps.

Retykle Address:

Unit 8B, 8/F, Sing Teck Building, 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang
How will I know my items have been safely received at RETYKLE? When will my accepted items be posted for sale?
You will receive an email as soon as your items have been received and sorted. Your unaccepted items (if there are any) will be detailed in an email to you. Accepted items will be posted on the site within approximately 15 business days of receipt.
Unaccepted and unsold items: What happens to them? Can I get mine returned to me? What if I don’t agree?
Your unaccepted items will be detailed in an email along with your accepted items. If you would like your unaccepted items to be returned to you, please click ‘yes’ to Return Insurance when you book your pick up. Please note that the Return Insurance also applies for items which have not sold after a minimum period of 120 days posted online. Alternatively, please contact us by email within 24 hours of receiving the accepted goods email and we can arrange return shipping for a flat fee of $50HKD, which will be billed to you.
If you accept to donate all unaccepted items and unsold items to charity, thank you on behalf of the children who will benefit via our charity partners. The unaccepted items are final and cannot be turned into listings but we welcome your feedback at any time
What does the "Return Insurance" cover? How much is it?
The Return Insurance works for both: 1) Items which could not be accepted from your most recent pick up and 2) Unsold items after a minimum period online of 120 days. The Return Insurance applies for the items in 1 pickup or drop off and has it cost of HK $50.
How long will my items be on the site for? What will I earn? How and when will I receive my earnings?
Once your items have been posted for sale, they will be listed for a minimum of 120 days and then de-listed at RETYKLE’s discretion. You will earn 50% of the sale price in cash for each successful sale, which will be sent to your PayPal account (we cover the PayPal transaction fee) or Hong Kong bank account. If you choose to be paid in store credit: 'Tyke Points', you will earn 55% commission on each sale. The resale price is determined by RETYKLE and can be reduced to increase the chances of sale before the listing expiry period. You will receive an email upon each successful sale. Following a sale, the credit will appear in your Bank, PayPal or Tyke Points account within 15 days. For an indication of how much you will earn, take a look at our current listings in the brands you are planning to sell.
If the buyer of my item makes a return, will I be able to keep my commission? Will my item be re-listed?
Yes, you will be able to keep your commission from the sale even if it is later returned to us.
Your item will be re-listed but you will only receive commission once from the original sale.
Do you pickup in outlying areas of Hong Kong? (example - Discovery Bay, Lamma Island, New Territories..)
Yes! We offer pickups outside of Hong Kong Island. The delivery fee for collecting items in outlying areas is HK $50. Alternatively, we can make free pick ups from office addresses on Hong Kong Island or accept drop offs at our office located at Unit 8B, 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Sing Teck Building.
How do you assign retails? Do I get a say in whether my item goes on markdown and if it does, how does this affect my earnings? Can I provide feedback?
Resale prices are assigned based on research, industry insights, original retail price, condition, age, brand desirability and style desirability. As a general rule, the newer the item (with original tags is best) and the higher the original retail value, the higher the listing price. The retail prices set (including markdown prices) are non-negotiable. Sellers receive the same commission rate on the markdown price. We would never turn away valuable feedback so if you would like to dispute a retail price for one of your items, please raise the issue with our customer service team along with your reason for contesting the price. Contact
Is PayPal the only way to extract cash from my sales?
We can also make Hong Kong bank transfers if you state your preference at the time of making your booking along with your account number. If you don't have a PayPal account and would like one, you can sign up very quickly and easily at If PayPal, a Hong Kong bank account or Tyke points are problematic for your payout, please email us and we can discuss alternatives
How do I cash out my earnings from PayPal?
With PayPal, you can choose to leave your cash there to use for future purchases or withdraw via your linked bank account. You can set up your linked bank account in a few easy steps under "my account" - "link a bank account in Hong Kong". To withdraw, just simply click withdraw and your funds will appear in your linked bank account.
Can I sell items that have my child's name on the tag?
Yes, as long as all brand and care labels are still intact and legible.
When you offer a promo code to buyers, does the discount applied at checkout affect my earnings as the seller?
Yes. A promotion code is viewed as equivalent to a markdown. It's a vehicle to help you sell your goods. Both RETYKLE and seller take a lower earning when a promotion code is applied to a transaction.
How can I help promote my items to sell?
You can click on the social share icons in the product detail of your item to promote your items directly via your social media accounts. You will increase the visibility and sales potential for your items.
Can Brands sell excess or past season stock directly to RETYKLE?
Yes. If you are a brand which is on our accepted brand list or has a similar product proposition, we would be happy to discuss how we can work together. We take on past season stock from select brands. Please contact

Shopping questions

What are the Shipping Terms & Costs?
For Hong Kong shoppers, shipping is free for any purchase over 300HKD or a flat rate shipping of 50HKD (for lower than 300HKD). For Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, Macao, and Philippines orders, we offer a flat rate of 150HKD (20USD). For other international orders, we offer flat rate global shipping for 200HKD (25USD).
Can I sign up for personalised alerts that are tailored to my children's sizes, gender and/or my favourite brands?
Yes, you can! Sign up here for weekly email alerts with personalised recommendations for your tykes' favourite brands and items.
Do you accept Returns? Are there any exceptions? What if I miss the 7 day return period?
Yes! If an item doesn’t fit or isn't as you expected, please fill out our returns form here within 7 days of receiving your purchase if you are a Hong Kong based customer. We will issue an authorization for a free return and upon receipt and inspection, we will refund you in full via store credit. If you've missed the 7 day return period, we cannot authorize a return but you can always send the unwanted items back to RETYKLE as a seller at any time.
What happens to my Tyke Points if I return some of my purchased items?
Please note that Tyke Points accrued for items that have been returned and refunded will be deducted from your account. For example, if you return an item for a value of HK $50, your total accrued amount of points will be reduced by 50 points. 
Do you GUARANTEE Quality & Authenticity?
Absolutely. Each item that is posted has gone through rigorous inspection for quality and authenticity. We stand behind our listings so if you receive an item that you don't feel matched the quality promised or you question the authenticity, we will take the item back with free return shipping. Any seller who attempts to submit counterfeits to RETYKLE will have their accounts banned immediately.
Can I purchase items from outside of Hong Kong?
Yes. For Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, Macao, and Philippines orders, we offer a flat rate of 150HKD (20USD). For other international orders, we offer flat global shipping for 200HKD (25USD).
How do I know if I'm ordering the right size since all brands seem to fit differently?
This can be a big challenge for parents, as the sizing can seem drastically different from one brand to another. We list the manufacturer’s sizing. If you're unsure about how a particular brand fits and have questions, email us at We can arrange to send you exact measurements if requested.
How long do items stay in my shopping cart? Why did an item disappear from my cart?
All items are one of a kind or limited quantity and as a result, they are sold on a first come first serve basis. If an item disappears from your cart before you had a chance to check out, it means that it sold to another customer. It's best to claim what you want by checking out quickly. You can use the quick shop option for the fastest checkout.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
For Hong Kong orders, deliveries will arrive at your door within 3-4 working days of placing your order. For international orders, deliveries will arrive at your door in 7-14 days from the date of placing your order.
When will I receive my store credit refund for returned goods?
Once we receive your return package, we will inspect and approve the return with full store credit refund within 7 days.
Do you offer gift cards?
Yes we offer physical gift cards (in HKD $100, $300, $500, and $1000 denominations) which can be purchased here as well as e-gift cards in any denomination you choose. 
How long are Retykle gift cards valid for?
Unless otherwise stated, a Retykle gift card - printed or electronic - is valid for six months from the date of issue. 
Do you offer promotion codes?
We occasionally offer promotion codes for discounts. The best way to find out about these limited time offers is to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on facebook and instagram and to check the site often.
How do you determine original retail prices?
Original retail prices (those crossed out) are either based on the tags on the garment or they are well researched through cross-referencing multiple sites and retailers to achieve accurate estimates.
What can I do if I suspect an item I purchased is not authentic to the brand label?
We take any claim of counterfeits very seriously. We will accept a free return and investigate the seller for account suspension and reporting.
Which shipping carrier do you use to ship my items?
For local Hong Kong shipments, we primarily use Hong Kong Post and SF Express. For international shipments, we use a variety of carriers with tracking.

Need help? Give us a call at +852 3594 6533 or whatsapp +852 5596 3446 or

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