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Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨

Retykle Sell Later

Allow your customers to resell their past purchases in a click.

What is Retykle Sell Later?

Retykle has launched a new and innovative way to propel resale further with ‘Retykle Sell Later’. This allows customers to resell their purchases from other retailers in a quick and hassle-free way by saving their past purchases to resell with Retykle later.

All items purchased for children have a natural obsolescence typically only in use for a few months before they are outgrown. The items purchased from the partnering store will be transferred to the customers Retykle virtual closet and can be sold with Retykle at a later date once their children grow out of them. Each purchase from the partnering store is ready for its next adventure at the click of a button powering a faster loop to the next family.

How It Works 

  • Once your customers purchase item(s) from your store, they will have the option to opt in for Retykle Sell Later (on the product page and the order confirmation page)

  • If they opt in, their items will be automatically added to the their Retykle Virtual Closet after account creation

  • Once the customer outgrows their items, they can book a pickup with Retykle and include the items from your store in their pickup

  • The item will then be listed and resold on the Retykle site, which will enable you to track the lifecycle of your products on the secondhand market as well as earn commission on each product sold from your store. 


  • Your customer will have greater purchasing power, stronger loyalty, lower returns and a built-in re-engagement. Furthermore, knowing they have the ability to easily resell, customers will have a higher conversion and AOV, with no risk or effort from our retail partners. 

  • A brand new revenue stream for retailers who are normally not able to tap into the resale market.

  • Receive data on the estimated CO2e savings per product listed through Retykle Sell Later.

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