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Fresh as a Daisy: Hacks & Tricks to Looking Rested Even When Lacking Precious Sleep

Fresh as a Daisy: Hacks & Tricks to Looking Rested Even When Lacking Precious Sleep

Retykle Ambassador, Aude Camus

Fresh as a Daisy


This week we welcome Retykle Ambassador Aude Camus, of Hong Kong Madame, to give us some hacks and tricks she has to looking fresh as a daisy even when you are lacking precious sleep. 

I love my baby girl more than anything on the planet but I do miss a good night’s sleep! I’m trying not to complain too much because I’m a lucky mum. My little one has been sleeping through the night since she was 1 month old. She’s even gotten into the routine of falling asleep around 7.30 pm and waking up at 6.30 am the next morning. But gosh, 6.30 am is early and I can’t seem to get used to waking up at dawn, especially on weekends. Caffeine keeps me going, and so do my morning barre and yoga classes. However, one thing is always betraying me: my skin. The dark circles, puffy eyes, a few pimples here and there, plus a dull complexion have given me away. No, I have not been partying all night, I just have a 4-month old at home!  

Luckily, there are a few beauty hacks that I have found helpful. I thought I would share my tips on how to look as fresh as a daisy even if long nights and lazy mornings in beds seem like a distant memory. The best part is that these tricks won’t take you more than a few minutes to implement because I know how precious every minute is and if they don’t work (but believe me they will), you’ll see that just taking a few minutes for yourself is great for your health, mood, and is a beauty booster.  

Make sure every minute of precious sleep you get counts.

With a baby, nights can be short, and improving your sleep quality will help you to better cope with the lack of sleep. The better your rest, the better recovery you will get. Easy to say I know, but what if a sleep mask could help improve the quality of your sleep? Do you believe in the healing power of crystals? I sure do! When it comes to sleep, keeping a few shiny rocks under your pillow can help you feel better rested and recharged. 

Mommy loves

RE.LEASE sleep mask from RE.VITYL

The RE.LEASE sleep mask from RE.VITYL is a 100% silk mask with Biocrystal®’s crystals inserted inside (but do not worry, the crystal insert only weighs 8 grams so you won’t feel it) to block out light, infused your sleep with the healing energy of natural crystals, and allow you to enjoy deep and restorative sleep. They also come in array of colours.

Treat yourself to a spritz.

Not that kind of spritz! Don’t get me wrong, a glass (or two) of Aperol Spritz is definitely a go-to from time to time to help you release the pressure of being a parent. However, it’s doubtful it will help you look as fresh as a daisy. To rejuvenate your skin what you need is a quick spritz of facial mist. One single spritz will provide an instant pick-me-up that is refreshing and has a soothing effect. Make sure and mist your face a few times a day and you will soon notice that your skin is better hydrated, your skin tone is more even, and your complexion is radiant. 

Mommy loves

 Activating Mist from RARE

The Activating Mist from RARE, a Hong Kong-based beauty brand created by mompreneur Michelle Chen who sources the finest botanical ingredients from Australia to produce detoxifying treatments. Enriched with moisturising aloe vera leaf juice and Kakadu Plum, a super-fruit with the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world, this facial mist revives and rehydrates your skin. 

Fuel your day the herbal way!

I am a caffeine addict. I need my coffee fix to get me going in the morning. But if coffee does indeed provide an instant pick-me-up, its long term effects will actually make you look even more tired as it is a diuretic that dries out your skin and makes it look dull and aged. Still, looking for a power drink? Something that you sip first thing in the morning to start your day right? Why don’t you give a go-to herbal tea? When crafted with the right plants, herbs, and flowers such a drink can provide the kick that you need without the caffeine.

Mommy loves

Antioxidant Lemon Verbena & Rosemary Mix(Vitalitea) from tisarôm

The Antioxidant Lemon Verbena & Rosemary Mix (Vitalitea) from TISARÔM, a brand born in Hong Kong and crafted in France. This tasty mix of antioxidant rosemary, invigorating lemon verbena and lemon-basil, anti-inflammatory marigold, and vitamin-enriched sunflower is a sunny bouquet that will brighten your day. 

Remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I know, this one sounds very obvious but how many times do you find yourself running from one place to next without drinking a single drop of water for hours? The thing is, water is our body fluid and without it your body can’t work properly. If you feel tired, not drinking enough water will have you look even more tired. An easy hack to stay hydrated and look fresh is to drink coconut water: low in sugar and calories, coconut water is rich in potassium and antioxidants promoting higher hydration, better joints mobility, and it also helps to replenish the electrolytes lost during sleepless nights. 

Mommy loves

Fresh coconut

Drinking fresh coconut water daily can contribute to your hydration needs which can help promote better circulation for radiant skin. Also, certain varieties of coconut water are fortified with vitamin C which has a slew of antioxidant properties and naturally stimulates collagen synthesis, which can help keep your skin firm and youthful-looking. It doesn’t hurt that it tastes delicious!

Blush, don’t bronze.

If you are just like me, your instinct would tell you to use a bronzing powder to try and look like you just came back from a long holiday. Believe me, it won’t work. Give your cheeks a fresh flush with just a touch of blush.

Mommy loves

Harlow's Skin Gloss

Harlow’s Skin Gloss comes in 4 shades and is formulated with less than 12 natural ingredients. This stick is so easy to use too! Dab the stick directly onto your cheeks (but also lips) to enhance the natural pigments of your skin and create a dewy fresh look. The cocoa seed butter in each shade nourishes dry lips and cheeks while also acting as a barrier, protecting skin from environmental forces that may cause damage. Beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties, leaving skin in its supple, natural form. It’s a win-win for your skin!

To find out more about Hong Kong Madame, visit their FacebookInstagramWebsite. To get in touch with a member of their team, drop them a line here

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