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How to: Eco-friendly Halloween

How to: Eco-friendly Halloween


A More Eco-Friendly Halloween 


Over the Halloween period, our tykes will head off to parties or go trick-or-treating in their scary and sweet costumes. We’ve known for some time that Halloween is easily one of the most waste creating moments throughout the year. ITV published a piece that showed that in the UK and in 2019 alone, Halloween costumes sold will contain 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste which equates to 83 million plastic bottles. 

We wanted to equip our Retykle community with some simple hacks for how to reduce waste during and after Halloween. It’s a great opportunity to remind our little ones about our collective impact on the planet and how we can lessen our environmental footprint. 

Trick - or -Treat Hacks 

Instead of opting for that plastic pumpkin shaped treat carrier, try using a reusable bucket, canvas bag or pillowcase! If you have one of the plastic pumpkin carriers, do a craft session with your little ones after halloween and turn them into flower pots. 

Swap it or DIY it 

This year, instead of disposable costumes, summon your tyke's costume from the realms of secondhand treasures! Swap with friends, or check out online resale platforms like Retykle for pre-loved costumes. Here at Retykle, we want parents to keep costumes in the cycle and out of landfill. 

If you have any outgrowns at home, include them in your next seller booking. Earn 80 tyke points* for every costume sent in suitable condition to be reused.

Check out our previous post from My Hong Kong ABC on how to create a DIY Headband - this could be the perfect halloween accessory if you like bunny ears or switch up the colours and theme to make something a bit more spooky! 



Get Crafting! 

Use scrap paper to create some scary decorations. There are so many things you can do with things you’ll already have in your home. Pinterest has some fantastic recommendations for how to get creative - it’s also a great way to get your little ones involved in a fun craft session! Engage the little monsters with crafting sessions that not only spark their creativity but also instill eco-friendly values.


It’s tempting to head straight to the supermarket for a last minute dash for sweet treats for a party. Perhaps this year think about making your own and lessening the impact from plastic wrappers heading to the bin. There are also some incredible healthy alternatives that will prove just as popular including tangerines with pumpkin faces, white chocolate dipped ghostly strawberries and pretzel spider crackers. We’ve pulled together some clever ideas from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing!

Post-Party Clean Up

After the bewitching hour has passed, ensure that your Halloween celebration leaves no haunting trace. Compost any organic waste from pumpkin carvings and food scraps, and involve your children in the recycling of decorations and packaging materials. Educate them about the importance of recycling these materials to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

This Halloween, let's make a pact to haunt the world a little less. By incorporating these sustainable tips into your celebrations, you can enjoy a spooktacular holiday without leaving a trail of environmental frights. 

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